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Introducing Novaris, the latest addition to our Planet Series preset packs! Specifically designed for the Vital wavetable synthesizer, Novaris offers meticulously crafted presets to elevate your psytrance productions. Whether you’re into Full on, Progressive, Forest, Hightech, Darkpsy, or any subgenre in between, Novaris has you covered.

Each preset comes with macros assigned to streamline your workflow, enhancing both speed and quality. With Novaris, not only do you get exceptional presets, but you also have the opportunity to sharpen your sound design skills through their construction.

Using Novaris is a breeze. Simply load the bank into your Vital plugin, and you’re ready to go. Plus, each preset includes descriptions for easy navigation. For sequences, just draw a long note and experiment with the macros to unlock endless possibilities.

Novaris boasts 60 presets for Vital, including 2 Kicks, 3 Psy Basses, 5 Snares, 5 Hihats + Percs, 5 Leads, 10 SFX, and 30 Sequences. With a compact size of 35.8 MB unzipped and royalty-free usage, Novaris is your go-to solution for enhancing your psytrance soundscapes.

Get ready to infuse your productions with fresh energy and creativity. Dive into Novaris and let your sonic journey begin.

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After some time, we’re releasing a new preset pack from the Planet Series. Novaris is a presets pack for the Vital wavetable synthesizer. Carefully crafted presets will enhance your psytrance production. The presets are useful for all subgenres of psytrance.

Each preset has a macros assigned that will speed up and improve the workflow.With this preset pack you can improve your sound design skills not only with the
presets themselves but also with the way they are made.

Easy to use.Just load bank into your Vital plugin.All presets has description.for Sequences just draw long note and play with marcos.

NOVARIS have 60 presets for Vital:

2 Kicks
3 Psy Bass
5 Snares
5 Hihats + Percs
5 Lead
10 SFX
30 Sequences


• 35.8 MB unzipped
• Royalty free
• Sized for all Psytrance sub genres: Full on / Progressive / Forest / Hightech / Darkpsy …

Have fun.

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